the signifies of Tiffany


the signifies of Tiffany

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There are various types of beading wire which means you can get overwhelmed easily.pandora charms , Finishes and materials include silver, gold, brass and copper.pandora jewellery , There are also variations of silver and gold which include gold-filled, sterling silver, gold and silver plated.pandora , More expensive beading wire are commonly available by the ounce or foot whereas copper and brass wires can be packed in 10 to 40 yard spools.pandora jewelry ,. When starting you will need to do alt of practicing so it is best to get the cheaper brass or copper as they are also easier to manipulate.

Hardness of beading wire

A wire's temper or malleability can be best described by its hardness. Sterling silver can be available in two main categories; these are half-hard and dead-soft. When you want the wire to bend with your fingers you will need dead-sott. Half-hard holds its shape better as it is a slightly stiffer wire. Hammering a peice of beading wire will flatten it and make it a more ridgid piece, although you will find that most wires will harden a bit as they are manipulated..

Shape of the Wire

Wire shapes include half-round, round, ***, square and twisted, and are available in most types of beading wire.. The style of peice you want to make will help determine what shape wire you choose.Wire Gauge Scale
The thickness or diameter of the wire is measured by the gauge. The most common wire sizes used for beading and jewelry *** are between 12 and 28. If you want to use a thicker wire for your project the you need to choose a lower gauge number wire.

Gauge 28
This wires, and thinner wires, are most commonly used for delicate applications such as crochet and twining. This may be the only option if you have pearls, gemstones or beads with tiny holes.

Gauge 24 - 26
This size wire is sometimes called ultra fine wire.. It is sometimes used for beaded flowers, wire crochet and wire wrapping. Alongside beading small gems, pearls and beads.

20 - 22 Gauge Wire
You can use many jewelry finding with this gauge wire so it is an all purpose wire. Also available in half-hard or dead soft.

Gauge 16 - 18
This wire is of medium thickness and fairly sturdy. Chain mail, clasps and large jump rings are usually made using this gauge wire.

Gauge 12 - 14
This wire is only available in the hardness - dead-soft and is best used for wire shapes that are unsupported such as neck wires and bangle bracelets.


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